FORECLOSURES is our first post topic. Foreclosures do compete with tax sale properties worldwide. Foreclosures as well as tax sales are available in every state.  From over a decade in mortgage banking, I can tell any active real estate investor to continue watching foreclosure markets. She or he will definitely find some nice surprises there. I will have future post on this topic as well as an update to this page. Other post topics we will cover:

  • Avoiding Ugly Broker Basis Points & Yield Spreads
  • Understanding Appraisal Values by the Bank
  • Banker's Profile of a SFR
  • Tax Sales Into Profits
  • The legal POWER of Quit Claim Deeds
  • How Credit Bureau Reports Help Your Mortgages
  • Networking Thru Digital Marketing
    • For Sale By Owner Deals (FSBO)
    • Lease Purchases Deals
    • Flipping Distress Properties

Here's a free tip if you are looking for foreclosure. Always close your deals thru an attorney, and don't purchase those ridiculous foreclosure list. Simply call any credible, local real estate agent in the city of interest, and they should be able to direct you to available foreclosures on the local market. But seriously if you can buy a fresh, updated foreclosure list then that's good too. This site does not give legal advice. Please consult your attorney for legal consultation. My information is from personal experience in mortgage banking only. United Stated companies are regulated by USCA title 26 IRC regulations.

To Your Success,

DeWayne Craft