Hello newbies. Everyday collecting contracts each project needs a POINTMAN! To start it off our conference calls were a Happy success on the first morning and evening as we press on our "Pointman Training!" This is opening the gate. I'm happy to see this start of a new direction in our organization. Everyone knows on March the first we hit this PayPal link to enter the markets around the world. This is where I began to teach my group full-time how to master your financial skills in seeking and flipping High Equity Property. As you know each month we will choose a different POINTMAN to handle contract negotiations on the new property contact. Each Pointman will work with me as their mortgage equity consultant guide. If you want o be a part of a family-type/ group-type REI network that will help guide you each step of the way into the market with little cost, this is where you should be with us. A very mature team business oriented and bout-it bout-it going to get this paper on many social network sites we are here to stay. Thank you for joining our team. See more details below.

Click-on the PayPal link below to make your Pointman Payment and let's watch our team grow in 2017 as we make it our goal to complete our 100 deals. $14.99 is our monthly team membership fee attached to the one time each month POINTMAN payment of $100. This means one contract monthly for the group as we pay $114.99 monthly. We are looking forward to starting many groups, but the first group class is on 07/11/2017 at 10 a.m. & 6 p.m. conference calls. Each group should prepare and get ready for that first deal. All payments will need to be received by that date regardless of national location within the United States. Each team will likely be composed of 10 members(maybe less) who will all work within the group structure to be introduced to my POINTMAN TRAINING process. The training process will last for 180 days original members or 90 day as I work individually with the chosen POINTMAN of the group.

Asthe equity hunter, I will be showing the Pointman the necessary steps to locate a high equity property. We will discuss and explain our steps to the group in a conference call. This is a necessary step as part of the training is to see to it that everyone understands what to look for during the house hunting process. The private lenders, hard money lenders, nor the bank will close on any deals that does not meet stipulation. The POINTMAN will daily or weekly explain to the group what the updates are as we move forward to complete our deal. Once the deals are complete and the contracts or the houses are sold then each person in the original group will receive a certificate granting them a lifetime membership of joining my future Pointman teams. The certificate gives each holder the ability to join our crowdfunding, and other real estate investments.

The purpose of my group is to allow members the ability to invest in real estate with small sums of money instead of having to come up with large sums of cash to grow or obtain knowledge of the real estate investment business. After working with bankers many years, I know what it's like to not have the funds needed to invest in real estate to make a decent living for your family. It took many hours to create a program that would work on a national level to help those whose got the heart and the mind to invest in real estate but don't have the experience nor the money. Join Flip 100 Team 2017 POINTMAN TRAINING to step into your future in real estate investments and be trained in a process that is mainly used by the experts. We are not recreating the wheel just opening your mind to what millionaires don't speak on. One thing that I learned rather quick in banking is that there are clicks. People have clicks and they don't want others in their click, so this is your opportunity to get in or you can simply allow it to pass you by. I choose the sooner as opposed to the later. Come on get in because we have other techniques to learn that will take our group further.

This is a long term relationship and the opportunity for us to grow and learn together. There will be no other group like my original team who will enter into the millionaire circle along with me at my side. Come in join in with us work hard, study hard, and find a seat among friends. This is not my first rodeo to a millionaire circle so join today. When opportunity comes don't let it pass you by, and for those of you who have already joined.....See you on the other side.

DeWayne Craft
Flip 100 Team 2017!

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