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Welcome to our new site! We are your normal money thirsty real estate investors sitting back and sitting around thinking about how artificial intelligence(AI) could impact real estate investing. Seeing this is what we do and all, we’re happy about the opportunity to get in on the front side of this new technology but please listen before you jump to conclusions about this artificial intelligence talk. Instead of waiting at awe to see what AI will do we want to be the ones who determine what it does in our market. Our approach is to join together in our REI and simply build into the future reaching for the stars.
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Have you ever had such a thought? Afterall, everyone is saying AI is coming! Have you ever thought about how fun it would be to become involved in a lucrative movement that could create a positive change in how individuals view and participate in real estate investing. These are just a few details of what this site is going to be brainstorming about. We’re just having some fun thinking about what if with real estate investing. Afterall we’re building to the stars these days so there has to be a new way to prosper in real estate investing(REI) for the local go getters who are focused on their paper.

As a 15 yr FDIC bank regulated mortgage loan writer and processor, I know REI systems well enough to think futuristic as we build towards the stars. Since the 2008 real estate crash, the market has changed aggressively. The instruments of finance on Wall Sreet concerning real estate and retirement funds reaches all the way into the local market competing with the federal system. There are less excuses for why a person can’t make millionaire doing some form of REI.

I understand. Yes. People run out of ideas. Of coarse. Especially if you don’t do mortgages or real estate everyday all day. Yes you get confused. A person can get boggled down with so much thing to figure out which way to go and yes there system fights to prohibit easy success in life. You’ve seen it. You pay one bill and oops there goes another one from out of nowhere. Just can’t get ahead.

Well sometimes we need guidance. Sometimes we have to discover ways to bond together and go build something but great and unique. That’s what I’m saying. Let’s create and build together if we can then why not. You shouldb be able to use my skill-sets as a 15 yr FDIC Mortgage Bank Equity Consultant. My and partners and I have discovered fun a few ways to allow newbie real estate investors to create a community together investing and earning together using estate investing and traffic-exchange. Join our high-equity wholesellers buyers list and join to see special prize offers from Pointman. See you on the other side friends.

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Ad Paks are in 4 categories to allow flexibility in purchase styles. We professional real estate investors understand certain real estate processes take particular time periods to complete based upon what’s actually happening at the subject property site level. That’s right. Whatever is going on at ground zero is the business, but that’s the purpose to keep affordable deals flowing fast and sweet. Is there construction going on? What’s about a fix & flip? Maybe it’s wholeselling a property or it can even be a raw land deal. Whatever type of deals it is everyone with or without knowledge of real estate investing can benefit from the experienced professionalsb behindthe steering wheel.

The great part is that we have Real Estate Investment (REI) traffic-exchange Ad Paks that will allow you make your daily clicks earning high Pay-To-Click returns that’s double your $50 ad pak value to one hundred dollars simply for viewing ten ads daily.

This is how it works in your payment. You pay $56.99 for each ad pak. $6.99 goes to complete your monthly membership cost. Most ad paks run near or past 3 months with average membership $14.99 we want to believe in those who believe in our community. Ad Paks offer powerful support to our online world warranting a justifiable adjustment in membership cost. At $6.99 each membership fee added to each ad Pak is allowed.

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We are wholesale and fix & flip real estate investors using the power of traffic-exchange advertising to advance the future of real estate invessting.

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