Provided one thing here okay! Let's understand that real estate investments is about the money. It doesn't matter that the electrical got in the way while working on this project to get to the money. This house is newly painted. That's right we just painted this property and it looks great. Now it's time to sheetrock entire inside as needed. The only issue is the electrical sockets are causing some issues in certain areas of the house they don't work. An  electrician came out to visit our site and the first observation given was that we should have the electrical sockets changed out that are blown.  We will complete this step and then we can see if any of these problems still exist.

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Now let's get down to the contracting side of this electrical work. The guy wanted to charge $200 to change the blown sockets out. I only counted five blown but he wanted to change them all out. I said no because I wanted to change out some needed light switches as well. I countered his offer and he accepted to complete the job for the electrical work.

The financial side of this is we need another draw as we approach Installing sheetrock and getting to the painting of the ceilings and walls prior to completing the floors right before we install the kitchen and bathroom vanities, light fixtures, and countertops. But as I stated the floors must be complete first and we will need that financial draw for the next construction projects. Lenders only allow the draw when we have completed over half of the work required to complete the entire renovation. Carpet will be place in five rooms at this site and lamanite hardwood flooring in the rest of the house, but the draw will need to be funded in order to pay for the rest of that work required. When working as a fix & flipper it really does require all of your attention to be on top of your game. Appraisers, inspectors, and surveyors, realtors and contractors will all expect for the home to fall within all code guidelines as the repairs are made.

DeWayne Craft