Understanding The Banker's Concept! System Design Is Not Just Real Estate! You Are Mistaken Again!

Many come into the business but very few remain, and even fewer stay to become the mongol. While most entering into the world of data for real estate investing shy from what they believed the business would be about but are now wondering if they made the right choice. This business is not for the faint hearted and neither is real estate investing a profitable business without understanding the global world of banking and finance.

Success in this business is not overnight. Lenders can give you pure hell if you don't understand their mind-set, their terminology, or the banking system used to determine their decisions. Getting turned down on a deal by a single lender I know can shatter buyers expectations, seems like it tosses your dreams out the window while everything comes tumbling down on your head. There is no better time than at that present moment to get back into the saddle and ride again. Don't allow feelings of emotions to overcome your precious world because your world is all that you have so keep fighting only harder this time. Get back into that boxing ring and start throwing punches because lenders will fight you on scope of work for construction cost, back end points of yield-spread, all the way to your sales contract details, but don't take it personal. It's all about knowing the business and understanding the banking side of analyzing the data and metadata affiliated with your loan.

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Spending decades in computer & information technology can assist one to develop their own systematic world for repeated continuous processing of various real estate transactions, and it does help when you've been processing and writing FDIC Bank regulated mortgages nearly 15 years. The systems that I create today are designed with respect to the global structure of finance, and it takes understanding updated financial data to keep me afloat with technology so I can continue building my empire. Visit gfmag.com for Global Finance Magazine.


DeWayne Craft
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