This is no doubt a photo of the ultimate love of my life. I haven't talk with him in nearly a month waiting on his phone call I'm not allowed to have his number is really some bull Ikr. I drove 5 hours to see him and wasn't allowed for him to see me. I don't know why or what the reasons are that takes a child away from having time with his father. After all I was there when he was born and made every doctor visit which is all counted as nothing because I moved away to build a better life for myself and for him.

Ya know in today's time love is a temporary word not permanent. People we have children and move on to the next love to experience love all over again different person different experience. Well his mother is a beautiful woman who I still love to be quite Frank about it but it's no good when that person has moved on so I moved on as well. Okay well I'm trying to move on anyway since I was dumped. I left town to save myself the hardship of watching her build a life with my child without me. I moved here to build a mortgage bank, a realty company, a real estate investment team whom are private hard money lenders, and finally to open a general contractors' business to fix & flip single family homes in one of the world's fastest growing real estate investment markets Dallas, Texas. I came here, I devoted myself to my homework nearly 15 months studying and analyzing the local real estate markets then built my real estate investment teams and took on an independent partnership and now about to flip our first high equity deal in DFW. I won't lie I was only making $45 thousand a year in Memphis working at a brewery driving forklift third shift for 4 freaking years, but on my next real estate transaction in the next two months I'm to profit nearly $20,000 dollars. That's in only 2 mths fix&flip cash so within eight months from now our projects will only increase allowing my business partnership financial leverage to be licensed as a bank. That's not all and to create a realty company with a newbie real estate investment team that's now in place to prepare managing the entire structure providing services such as virtual assistants, phone answering services, and other real estate investment Pointman Training intended to grow to a minimal 500 people strong business real estate investment network of it's own..
My business partner and I look to become one of the major players performing non-profit community services from real estate investment proceeds. We're looking forward to helping develop communities throughout the DFW Region. Why am I saying this? I'm saying this because it's on my heart and because of this picture of my son building with Legos. He and I did build this together when I was with him last month. I was in Memphis to see my brother who has cancer so I was allowed to see lit-dude Caden as well. We played hours on in then I stepped back to take the photo of him. What I didn't know at the time was that I was about to leave my son's hugs and head back in my flight to Dallas and meet a business partner who would aid me into becoming one of the major players in the Dallas Fort Worth Investment mortgage banking & real estate investment markets.
It's been really hard for me making this change away from you lit-dude but daddy wants you to know with my income about to go to nearly possibly $200,000 annual it was really worth the change from a poor city to the fastest growing city in North America with a real estate investment market second to none. So being dumped paid off after all.
As an investment mortgage banker 15 years processing and writing FDIC regulated mortgage loans, I have the experience to master this skill-set so now people are coming to me for my expert advice on how to build not a relationship but a real estate banking institution in DFW. I'm totally horrible at relationships for one because I'm a workaholic with ADD and part OCD from my mother. Lord knows that woman could clean. Well, after driving 5 hours to see you son and couldn't I just turned around and drove right back to DFW but it's okay son. I just want you to know that I still have the Legos and I'm still building our Lego empire. My older son well that's another story for another day. His mother's a Christian giving me he.. Woww

DeWayne Craft