Working on a vehicle such as replacing an engine requires the mechanic to think strategically. Fly wheels, bolts & nuts, pulleys & belts all can have complications to a great degree if one has never installed an engine. Occasionally to say the least, there has been times my automobile

mechanicalskills were put to the test, however, it was always with a successful outcome. Thanks to a father who showed me the ropes growing up, but there are different tools now like graphs, charts, statistics, milage, home inspections, and lot/land surveys are of a different world of parts and mechanics when it comes to processing mortgages for determining value of real estate.

Each purchase or sale of a property affects the market in some form or fashion. Behind the scene of multiple and multiples of closings of real estate closings & transactions, it becomes clear that strategic thinking and analyzing the market is there only advantage for big gamers such as the banks and large corporations. This means that movement is tracked, so why not be strategic? These are the

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DeWayne Craft