Conference calls draws us closer especially when we need group support to complete challenging tasks. Whoever said making next millionaire in real estate investments will be a walk in the park didn't know what they were talking about, but from someone who experienced it coming from the ghetto to making it there as a  15yr FDIC regulated mortgage lender & banker,  I've got my own story to share. This is my new group. This is my new family, and we need each other to get there. This is no walk in the park, but my goals, visions, dreams, and my experience has walked this direction before. I am here with you team to do just one simple thing, and that is "Do It Again." The only difference is I am doing it with my own group a team that I am building from the ground up to enter into the world markets of real estate investments. We will travel thru the dollar, past the Euro, into the Sterling Pound on to the Yen, & Yuan.  This is the design of my vision, and you have all been chosen to share and part-take in making this happen for yourselves, for your families, and least and for all for me. I want to thank you all for attending the conference calls and joining the POINTMAN TRAINING from the bottom of my heart. Our group is never to disband and separate. We are family and completing our tasks associated with our business ventures will slowly become our number one concern along with family. Using our minds to become more creative, innovative, adaptive while struggling to reduce even more stress is the ultimate goals of team performance. We will eventually discover where each of us belong within our little group, and what roles to play.        As your team captain, my strive is perfection in seeing each of you grow beyond what you've ever imagined. To see your dream grow for your families for your communities, and for you to stand as the leaders that you were destined to be. Let's make the conference calls as scheduled in the near future. This is a POINTMAN TRAINING thank you and congratulations on coming into my family-group real estate investment team.



DeWayne Craft



P.S. Please report fake deals to federal regulators FBI or S.E.C.