CONNECTED INVESTORS' creator Ross Hamilton has really out done himself with building Connected Investors Exchange or CIX. This is strictly the lending portion of the Connected Investors' network. We're

talking privatized lending, Connected Investors' network. We're talking privatized lending, FDIC banking, hard money lending, even crowd funding and some 501C3 programs. Yes awesome to the entire real estate investment markets around the world. 9._gr_kick_landing_728x90_728x90

So how does one tap into all these benefits? Great question! You would have to be very creative in the field of real estate investments (REI), especially when it comes to structuring the financials surrounding the closing. All regulations will have to be stipulated by lenders and Attorney's will have to submit to compliance.  Anyway, CIX is up and running well and all one has to do to submit your deal is get on the Connected Investors site or download the app and go to the tab that says funding. If that's not enough there are plenty of videos on the site to show you how it works, See you on the other side.


DeWayne Craft