Contracts Go! USDA Rural Development!

Announcing our first new subdivision project with an apartment complex and 30+ lots for new construction homes using privatized funding, hard money lenders, and bank-backed USDA guaranteed funding for rural development. Get up everyday go find the contacts. This is a great contract opportunity to dig down into real estate rural development on new construction homes. We'll work with home builders, house plans, raw land leases, construction vehicle leases, zoning, road construction, soil test, going-green options, utilities, project management, business analysts, and material analysis.

Haha. Yes, that's a lot and you have to love your busy busy workday day-in/ day-out and the many trips back and forth from the meetings to the bank discussing construction, zoning and inspection issues. Maybe this is why I have no wife she will never see me I guess, but work first with this project. In such a case a realtor is highly recommended

Eitherway, keep up with our progress by visiting my site. As a Mortgage High Equity Consultant, I will be glad to work with you as an individual.

All you have to do is join my POINTMAN TRAINING! You will have your chance to personally be guided be me in completing your first property contact flip. CLICK ON POINTMAN! Follow the PayPal Link to pay your funds! On the first of each month we designate a POINTMAN to operate the contract project under my guidance.

DeWayne Craft
Flip 100 Team 2017