Funding 100 Flips 2017!

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Dropping All! Now Nationwide Chasing Bankable Flips of 2017! Fired-up! It's not what it was just is what it is! Mo serious! 2016 threw me for a loop but 2017 I'm throwing it! After all the preparation now the market finally gives a gem of endless finance to complete all current available property flips even for year 2017. If you have an interest in joining this lucrative niche, come connect with the professionals in my group. Everything is as it says with this private funder who is not a lender providing funds based solely on score criteria regarding Equifax, Experian,  or TransUnion. Due to banking over regulations of the investor market has forced private funders to create their own liquidable financial programs and devices. Many of these such programs were around during my years as a mortgage banker. Only now in todays' market, values of these asset based programs have increased. That's right. The loan value is based off of the asset more so than the credit of the individual borrower.   The standard lender stats still must remain to be completed such as appraisals, termite letter, survey sign-off, title insurance, sales contract, and what not.

A New Market has Arisen!

Banker's Standpoint. Not a game just game changer. This is the most aggressive market since 2008 crash, and it's all out national war so count me in. Properties 24/7 with 100 Deals to go in 2017. Our organization will not miss its mark.

Come join our club "Flipping OhBeautiful Houses" learn the skill-set of flipping high equity properties. How to find them, how to close them, and how to go out and get your properties into an exit plan with the right borrowers, or even programs like Section 8 residual income for real estate charity portfolios.




Financing properties with the credit markets is better now than ever. Within the next twelve months our community looks to complete over 100 real estate transactions because of the new financing now in place. So find your deals and come forward to move all of your real estate transactions. If you one of my real estate club members and you need my assistance to determine value on a property, or to arrange closing with an attorney then email the information and alow 72 hours for a returned email pertaining to your property topic.

DeWayne Craft

Not sure about what type of properties to look for see my blog:

Go Hard, or Go Home!
Because this is where you separate the boys from the men! Looking 4dat first flip. Bet Dat! 4sho!

Asset Launcher Pro Community does not offer legal advise. For legal counsel please consult with your attorney. Remember never close a real estate transaction without presence of legal counsel.