Section 8 or Government Program!

In fact our club has friends who have already contacted us to bring this very Section 8 Program to their city up north where many vouchers can not be filled because of the shortage of single family resident housing. Government programs can lead to beneficial real estate systems individually operated by real estate trusts or charities. All real estate systems are not for-profit organizations. Section 8 housing uses a great means to assist home owners to build stable, monthly residual income. This process has a history of a proven track record using not only Section 8, but Multi-family, Assistant Living, and even some Veteran Programs will fall under these same classifications. We will cover Veteran Programs in a separate category, but government programs are a large asset to building real estate systems.

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Yes, we do plan to use our business entities to fill this void for that particular city. Our goal in our real estate club is to establish ties within the communities to attach government systems to our programs to assist home owners to keep up with the mortgage payments as a whole. This allows bulk cash at the closing tables nationwide to assist with closing required to keep the system rolling. The entire system structure is what I later discuss concerning the United States Code Annotated title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code on taxation liabilities of 501C3 charters and charities per legal jurisdiction internationally or offshore.




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