Escape The System Build Your Own!

Enslavement to this World's Financial System Drains You.  You need trust funds for you children because their future is a major concern to any true parent. Taxation is a major issue to real estate, and understanding how to structure legal entities to reduce taxation helps your business stay afloat. You know many decisions we have to make and some are already made from birth like being a slave to this world's financial system. it demands dedication to brake free form employment systems that only let you get one check away from the sidewalk.


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Walking into the world of mortgage banking gave financial freedom but also it delivered many questions that took ten years of building before I could answer back. Your mind must first be free before you can obtain true financial freedom from this worlds' system. Our children must never see us stop and surrender. We must press on relentlessly. In my book I discuss the system tools required to fire your boss in 24 months. Investments into mortgages & real estate is only the beginning tools. The entire system structure is what I later discuss concerning the United States Code Annotated title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code on taxation liabilities of 501C3 charters and charities per legal jurisdiction internationally or offshore.


There is so much to share with you. DeWayne Craft This is our blessing to our children's children up to the third generation according to the Lord Jesus God the Son "Melchizedek." God is not a God of fear. We bring the bold. Free yourself, your mind from others' systems they have built and come build your own. Be enslaved to no one. Fire your boss in 24 months. Join my club. Learn how.