Flipping OhBeautiful Houses! Flipping Houses With "A+" Credit!

My start into flipping houses was as a mortgage banker. This was not an intended niche. Previous to mortgage banking, I owned a carpet and upholstery cleaning business which did not seem to satisfy my desire to be more business inclined. I attended a local commercial paper seminar downtown that was advertised on one of those cheap TV stations. When I walked into the door we put on name tags that only showed our first name. We were told to have a seat and that's when the action started. A year later I was working in mortgage banking full-time usually around 70 hours a week. I get into details of this story in my book, "Flipping OhBeautiful Houses!" Read it and you will learn much more about how I convince "A" credit  borrowers to use my simple methods to turn their first million from real estate properties. One of my methods I use is called "The Domino Method." Real Estate Investments is flexible at the closing table. Processes can be about either outcome for the investors to decide either (a)Loads of cash, or (b)Residual Income. Designing a patterned system to take the "A Credit" borrower to the next level is what this is all about and there is nothing that will help you get there like loads of cash or residual income.

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The best option for the "A" credit borrower is to keep an experienced investment mortgage professionals to assist you in fulfillment of your "A" credit real estate investment dreams, goals, scope, and successful transactions. Visit my site and read-up on my many different real estate flipping techniques. I will expose the cash solid methods of flipping properties.


This is mostly not residual income flipping but bottom line bankable cash that goes directly into your account. http://ohbeautifulmadangryuglytaxsalehouses.org My experiences are from a bankers' standpoint and yours to share. contact DeWayne Craft 1(832)609-9055 Look for my new book and my new TV Show "Flipping OhBeautiful Houses!" Remember never to close a real estate transaction without an attorney and don't forget to look at our site Digital Marketing World of Mine! for our soon-to-come pay-to-click site. We intend to have one of the first open-source, pay-to-click sites that's geared specifically towards real estate investments within digital marketing. See you on the other side.